Nourish Creamery started out as "Nourish Creamery & Juice Bar" We launched our brick and mortar January 2018 in the SouthWest area of Las Vegas. Originally our plan was to introduce a healthy option to ice cream with rolled ice cream, blended smoothie bowls, smoothies and juice. 


We quickly became a big hit and restaurants were asking us "How do we get your ice cream in here?!" Everyone loved that we were different from other suppliers, using only quality ingredients, constantly improving, rotating ice cream flavors are always available and putting our focus towards our community as well. 

Community is a big deal for us here at Nourish Creamery. We believe that as a community we need to come together to teach, nurture, support, grow and most importantly, Spread Love. 

After almost two years of being open to the public, we decided to put our focus towards manufacturing and distribution. 

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