Welcome to Nourish! 

Hello, Nourish Family! Thank you for your interest in Nourish Ice Cream. We are thrilled to serve the Las Vegas valley with our AMAZING products. 

As an ice cream manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor we are proud to offer: 

High Quality Premium Product

All of our products are made from scratch with the freshest ingredients possible! We use organic sugar, no food coloring, no preservatives and no artificial flavors. Nourish  Creamery is not just a name, we pride ourselves in serving deliciously NOURISHING ice cream. 

Custom flavors

Are you tired of the same traditional flavors such as Vanilla, Chocolate or even Butter Pecan? Well we have news for you! Nourish Creamery offers plenty of unique flavor options and custom flavors as well. We can customize exclusive flavors for you that tailors to your flavor profile and menu. Have a specific dessert item that pairs well with a certain ice cream flavor that you just can't seem to find? WE GOT YOU! 

Consultation and Training

We also offer consultation, training and menu development for serving our product.


For qualifying customers we offer: 

One free training course for your whole team per quarter 

        Includes FOH & BOH training. FOH;  Product description, about our company, upselling techniques based on your dessert menu. BOH; How to serve our product with proper tools (tools included) and proper serving temperature for maximized flavor profile. 

One free 30 minute consultation and menu development per year

         Includes consultation and menu development course. This includes dessert + ice cream pairing recipes catered to your menu, concept and size of your space. 


Our mission is to provide a positive force in the lives of others. To use our creativity to NOURISH all the souls we come across through true wellness.


We'd love to hear from you.